Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Websites and tech My prefered CMS, perfect for almost any size of website. Where I buy all of my DotNetNuke skins and modules.
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A great daily dose of design related content.
Friends & Clients I have created new logos and brand indentities for all the group companies and the new Transaction Capital website. The result of a merger between MBD and CMS, I designed the new logo, brand indentity and website. Build it Green is more than just a company with green ambition, check it out for yourself. For all things airsoft and then some. I helped GICS with their website and tweaks to their logo. My dad's website relating to all things British bikes. Gideon Muller's business Letsap (Pastel spelled backwards) produces useful extensions or plug-ins for Pastel users. Andrew Rose is a technical writer and expert in all things instructional design. Titan Point-of-sale, supply rapid and innovative point-of-sale products to the retail industry.


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